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Our sincerest wish is this page answers your question but if for some reason you can't find the answer you're looking for, we are happy to help!  Please call or email us (information below).



  • Q: How much does it cost to play on a team?

  • A: There are 3 fees generally associated with playing on a team

    • Session fee for 10-12 weeks of play is $390 and includes all practices, skills and league games. There are 4 sessions a year, Fall, Winter, Spring & Summer.

    • The uniform package is a one time purchase until items need to be replaced. Cost is   approximately $165 and includes 5 items: game jersey, game shorts, practice jersey, warm up shirt and backpack.  

    • Tournament play is on an event by event basis. Most tournaments are played in town and cost $30-$50 per player, out of town and specialty tournaments (like AAU Districts) are $50-$65 per event. 


  • Q: What level of competition do you play?   

  • A: Our goal it the highest level of competition available to the ability of each team. For our A or Black teams this would be the higher level tournaments and leagues. For our B or Blue teams this will mean lower level competition

  • Q: How many players are on a team's roster?  

  • A: We carry 8-10 players during the Fall, Winter & Spring sessions. Summer teams can have up to 12 players per team. 

  • Q: How often do you have tryouts?

  • A: Typically before each session begins there will be an evaluation to make sure all the players are playing on the appropriate team and at the appropriate level of play. 

  • Q: When do you practice? 

  • A: practices are held Monday through Friday, typically between 5:00 pm & 10:00 pm.

  • Q: Where do you practice? 

  • A: Currently Mavericks Basketball Center generally uses facilities in the West County area. Generally this area covers sites near and around Hwy 141 & Manchester Rd north to Hwy 141 and Hwy 40 West to Hwy 40 & Eatherton Rd/Hwy 109 South to Hwy 109 & Manchester Rd, and Manchester Rd back east to Hwy 141.



  • Q: Who are your coaches? 

  • A: Coaches are current or former high school or college coaches or equivalent in experience and ability.  Mavericks Coaches are passionate students of the game, who are dedicated to player development and improvement. 

  • Q: Are your coaches background checked? 

  • A: YES. 

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